Peak Rock

peak rock2

The Peak District has literially miles of fantastic gritstone edges making it an ideal rock climbers playground. With sound, rough rock renowned for it's friction, combined with varied climbing and a strong history the 'Peak' is rightly famous.

Crag based rock climbing guiding and instruction are all held in the Derbyshire Peak District. This area, with its internationally renowned gritstone edges, has a life-times worth of highly accessible rock climbing, all within a short distance of the road. As a result, this allows us to make the most of our time outdoors.

The varied nature of the gritstone edges makes the area ideal for an introduction to the exciting activity of rock climbing. Many people still start out 'on the grit' today and you might well find yourself climbing alongside other groups under instruction, while folk nearby are climbing one of the modern testpieces.

All rock climbing is arranged on a day to day basis, from one day through to two weeks maximum.  For full details check out the Booking & Prices page.  Below are some popular choices among previous clients:

Resin to Rock

The varied nature of the gritstone edges makes the area ideal for making the transition from an indoor climbing wall to the 'real' thing. With a very varied geology and a range of grades, gritstone is the ideal medium to get you started and an ideal choice for climbers with indoor climbing wall experience.  Again I would often choose to be base climbing on the highly accessible gritstone edges of the Peak District.  The aim would be to get you climbing confidently outdoors.

Introductory Rock

An ideal starting point for those with little or no prior experience of rock climbing.   In the past, I have based on the highly accessible gritstone crags of the Peak District with the aim of getting you to climbing confidently.  The essential skills of rope work and belaying can be taught along the way.  In addition, in the past we have climbed some of the Peak District's many and varied routes to build fundamental climbing skills for the future.  With some of the most famous venues in the country there is a good chance you could find yourself at Stanage Edge, Froggatt Edge and Burbage Edge amongst many others.

Lead Climbing

If you are considering this you might already be a 'competent second'.  If this isn't the case then leading is still possible as part of a longer programme - just get in touch. The aims are two fold with leading.  Firstly, it's essential to get you climbing confidently before getting you out on 'the sharp end'.  More importantly, some time will also be spent on the technical aspects such as placing gear, building belays and protecting pitches effectively.  This is particularly important due to inherent risk of leading, although managing this makes for a unique experience.