Edelrid Beast



The new EDELRID Beast crampon, has arrived.  After trying out a new preproduction of the EDELRID Shark (see previous review) I have been looking forward to putting this more technical 'Beast' through its paces. 


Edelrid describe these as a high end crampon made of high-grade steel for steep ice and mixed climbing.

Weight: 962g, heavy enough to pack a bit of a puch but not too heavy - result.

For more details check out the EDELRID Beast here


What's it like out of the box?

The Edelrid Beast arrived this autumn, and this is very much a first look. Straight out of the box the weight felt about right for a technical crampon. I prefer a bit of weight which makes it easier to get a good placement in hard ice, especially if you are using a turned plate design. Much like the EDELRID Shark different attachment systems, including semi and fully automatic (pictured) bindings, are supplied. The agressive front points and importantly the secondard points, look like they will give a stable platform. The front points can easily be changed from dual to mono without the fuss of many other designs, which is a massive positive point.

Adjusting the crampons length wise was straight forward also, with the slight curve in the bar aiding the fit on many modern boots. This was easily achieved with the rental clip on the heel section. This is a definate weak point in some other manufacturers designs and I have seen frequent cases of crampons unclipping. In this case the rental clip is reassuringly stiff and does what it should i.e. keeping the length fixed as adjusted. There is also the addition of a small hole allowing you to fix the length of the crampon when adjustment is not required (bolt not supplied).


What's the Edelrid Beast like in use?

Well the first use of these crampons will hopefully be in Chamonix in the autumn and ice fall climbing in the alps as soon as it freezes.  Looking forward to providing an update when in use. In the meantime do have a look beyond the well known brands this winter. [So watch this space...]


Plus Points:

  • Two different attachment systems make this a versatile crampon.
  • Forged front points, easily changed from dual to mono.
  • Good secondary points.
  • Excellent buckle arrangement.
  • LOTS of people say they love the Edelrid signature lime green.

Negative Points:

  • 3D front points won't be to everybody's liking on the flat turned plate. But this crampon is very much about steep terrain, and for that you will be on the excellent forged front points..!